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The Heraldic Description of our Armorial Bearings


The Arms:

Gules a Chevron between three Wheels or on a Chief Argent a Broad Axe blade to the sinister proper.


On a Wreath Argent and Gules A dexter Arm embowed vested Azure cuffed Argent the hand proper holding a Mallet Or


On either side a Horse Argent each gorged with a Circlet pendent therefrom over the fore leg a Chain terminated by a Ring Or


God Grant Unity

The earliest representation of the Wheelwrights’ Coat of Arms dates from c 1682 and painted on the Company’s Poor Box. The box is said to be made from oak from York Minster and has metal strap work, hinge and escutcheon.

In 1950 The College of Arms informed the Clerk to the Company that no Grant of Arms had ever been made to the Company. No immediate action taken.

However in 1962 the Court decided to apply to the College for a “Grant of Arms and Supporters” at a cost of £ 345 with the cost being covered by subscription by Members of the Court. After lengthy negotiations with Portcullis Pursuivant who insisted that there should be some differentiation of the Supporters the design was agreed by the Court and approved by the King of Arms. The Letters Patent were received in 1965.

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