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Ian Shuttleworth

Ian Shuttleworth is a wheelchair user and was appointed vice Chairman of the Jubilee Sailing Trust in 1997 and still serves in that role in 2011.

The Jubilee Sailing Trust became a registered charity in 1978 and was the brainchild of Christopher Rudd, a school teacher and sailor who wanted to give the disabled children he taught the same experiences his able-bodied students had. Early trials were undergone with the barque "Marques" and the brig "Royalist" followed by more extensive trials with the brigantine "Soren Larsen". Before long, although voyages were successful, it was clear that the adaptations on the ships were not adequate and a fresh approach was needed.

In 1984 work began on Lord Nelson. a vessel that could be sailed by 40 and enable people with a range of physical disabilities to take part in the sailing of the ship as well as any able-bodied person. In October 1986 Lord Nelson made her maiden voyage.

The JST grew from strength to strength, and soon it was clear that demand for voyages was rapidly growing and a new ship would further enhance the JST’s mission. A new vessel "Tenacious" was designed to incorporate features from experience gained in testing and with Lord Nelson and which were essential for people with a physical disability or sensory impairment, to work at sea.

In June 1996 the keel of Tenacious was laid by HRH The Duke of York and it was launched in February 2000, Tenacious is the largest wooden tall ship of her kind in the world.

Each year the JST takes around 2,000 adults to sea, both able-bodied and physically disabled. Each ship can sail with up to 40 voyage crew, half of whom may be physically disabled and are guided through each task on board by ten permanent crew members. Below deck is the accommodation. There are 8 wheelchair cabins with the remaining accommodation being provided by either fixed single bunks on Tenacious and traditional pipe cots on Lord Nelson. The ships sail around the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.

Several members of the Worshipful Company undertook trips as a “buddy” taking with them a disabled person.

Ian still very active in fund raising.

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