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London 1895
  1800 to
    A Century of Growth

Since the commencement of the 19th Century, the history of the Company has been bound up with its interests in the City rather than with the craft.

Throughout its first two hundred years of existence the Company suffered from a serious shortage of funds but with a more diverse membership, the finances of the Company showed a modest improvement and various items of valuable silver were donated. The Company also commissioned a badge in gold and enamel, surrounded by a circle of gold wheels surmounted by the Arms of the Company in pierced gold and enamel, which was first worn by the Master in 1873.

Sir George Bridges served first as Sheriff and then in 1819 as Lord Mayor of the City of London

In 1872 after an interval of nearly a century the Company again turned its attention to its responsibilities to the craft and in 1882 became a founding member of the City & Guilds of London Institute. In 1892 the Court appointed a Technical Education Committee which, in conjunction with the Carpenters Company, established a class for Wheelwrights at the Carpenters Training School in Great Titchfield Street. Whilst suffering from declining numbers these classes continued until the outbreak of the Second World War.

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