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Our Patron Saint - St. Willigis

The Patron Saint of the Company is St. Willigis. He was born at Schoningen, Germany, the son of a wheelwright.

He was Chaplain to Emperor Otto II, Chancellor of Germany in 971, then later Archbishop of Mainz in 973, Archchancellor of the Holy Roman Empire and Vicar Apostolic to Germany in 975.

He was one of the important and influential figures at the time, as he had been confirmed by Pope Benedict VII, with the right to crown future emperors, as he did with Otto III in 983 and then Henry II in 1002.

He died of old age on 23 February 1011 at Mainz and his body was buried in St. Stephen’s Church.

He is represented in art as a bishop with a wheel, a symbol of his father’s trade, and an emblem he had chosen as his coat of arms.




The Company Badge

The heraldic description of the Company’s Badge, as granted by Letters, the patent dated 30th December 1985 is:

A male figure representing St. Willigis bearded proper on his head a Mitre Or vested also Or mantled Gules supporting by the left hand a Crozier Gold and by the dexter hand to his front a Wheel proper.

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