Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights - London

The Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights is one of the 110 Livery Companies of the City of London.

Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1670 the original purpose of the company was to regulate the manufacture and quality of handmade wooden wheels (the Ancient Craft of Wheelwrighting).

Today the Company is primarily a philanthropic and social organization, with a particular emphasis on providing backing for wheeled mobility and education, as well as supporting the Lord Mayor and the City of London Corporation.

In addition to supporting the Ancient Craft of wheelwrighting, the Company has strong links with the modern wheel and tyre industry, and other mobility-related activities.

The Wheelwrights’ philanthropic activities are focussed on the general themes of education, mobility, and the City of London.

An example of the charitable work is the funding for Melanie Woods to help her compete in wheelchair racing at a high level. With support from the National Tyre Distributors Association, the Wheelwrights Fund 2020 was able to help Melanie to acquire the specially customized racing wheelchair she needed.

Wheelwrights Fund - Melanie


HMS Severn Recommissioning 28th August 2021

HMS Severn Recommissioning 28th August 2021

HMS Severn recommissioning 28th August 2021 It was a real honour and privilege for The Master David Mortlock, his wife Marianne and our Clerk Susie Morris to be invited by Commander Phillip Harper to join him, his crew and other invited guests on board HMS Severn for...

Melanie Woods

Melanie Woods

We were delighted to see wheelchair racer Melanie Woods make her debut in Tokyo, just 2 years after attending the 2019 Inter Spinal Unit Games and receiving Wheelwrights Funding to support her dreams of competing at the Paralympic Games for ParalympicsGB ...

Tour Des Wheelwrights – Day Twelve

Tour Des Wheelwrights – Day Twelve

He’s done it !! After 550+ miles Graham Ellis has made it to Douglas Andrews workshop in Heathfield. A small celebration was held to welcome him with some well earned beer and delicious food prepared by Marianne Mortlock . The Master, David Mortlock presented Graham...

350 Years of Supporting Mobility

In 2020, the Company celebrated the 350th Anniversary of the signing of its Royal Charter. Whilst many of the celebratory activities were curtailed by the COVID pandemic, we were fortunate to be able to hold a service of celebration at St Pauls Cathedral followed by a dinner in the crypt.

The opportunity was also taken to create this video showcasing the work of the Company, the craft of wheelwrighting, and some of the ways in which Wheelwrights Liverymen are making a contribution to society.