100+ Club

Join our 100+ Club today and support the Wheelwright’s Charity Craft Fund

Since 2018 we’ve been running our 100+ Club for members of the Company, to help raise much needed funds for our Charity Craft Fund as well as providing participants the opportunity to win great prizes.

Members are invited to contribute £10 per month per entry. Each entry is allocated a number which is entered into our quarterly draw, which is usually held at one of our Court Meetings. There will also be a Super Bonus draw in the fourth quarter, held just before our annual Installation Dinner in December. You may, of course, opt to have more than one entry each month.

50% of all funds raised are returned to members as prizes with the other 50% being transferred to the Wheelwrights’ Charity Craft Fund.

The Wheelwrights’ Charity Craft Fund was created in 2018 and it is through this fund that the Charity channels its support for the Wheelwright’s craft including helping with Apprenticeship training costs, travel costs to college and tools. Without this support there is a danger that the Craft will not survive in the UK.  Since the fund was set up, three apprentices have been supported through the 3-year Wheelwrights’ Apprenticeship programme.  The first of these successfully completed his apprenticeship in October 2020 and he was jointly funded by the Wheelwrights’ Charity and that of the Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers.  Another apprentice successfully completed their apprenticeship in October 2023 and one more is expected to complete his by the end of March 2024.

To date we have been able to provide over £20,000 to the Craft Fund and a similar about given back to participants as prizes. Clearly the more people that enter the draw the more money we can pay into the Craft Fund and the more we can pay out to our lucky winners.

This is a great opportunity for our members to not only support our charity efforts, but also to win great cash prizes.

If you are interested, please complete this form and return it, together with your payment details to the address provided.

The latest winners are listed below:

Installation Court Draw                                                                Easter Court Draw

1st Prize: Neil Sampson (55)                    £710                            Stephen Clark (41)               £360

2nd Prize:  Sally Bridgeland (62)             £350                            Rosemary Sermon (61)        £240

3rd Prize:  James Tucker (18)                   £240                            David Wernick (21)               £120

4th Prize: David Woodgate (43)               £115

Small Society Lottery Registration Number: 982 (Wandsworth Council)