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Wheelwrights’ Charity – Improving People’s Lives

At each meeting of the Wheelwrights Charity, Trustees are asked to consider requests to support a variety of different charitable causes.

At our meeting in February and after due consideration and discussion the trustees decided to approve grants totalling £25k in respect of the following:

React – In support of financially disadvantaged families with severely disabled and ill children it was agreed to assist 3 children with basic yet life changing forms of mobility equipment to enable them to participate in life as fully as possible.

Wheels and Wheelchairs – To purchase a wheelchair which can be adapted to the special needs of the user and can be used by a number of wheelchair users.  This is for a Battersea based Amateur Sports Club, run by unpaid volunteers, who comprise wheelchair users and skaters who go out together to enjoy the sensory rush of speed and accessible sport.  Wheelchair users are pushed by rollerbladers in adapted chairs and participate in marshalled street skates and races in the UK and abroad.

The Grange – To assist with funding of an accessible pathway so that wheelchair users can access the new greenhouse and attend horticulture sessions. Based in Bookham Surrey, The Grange supports people with disabilities by providing both Group Living and Supported Living Care and a programme of skills for life training sessions.

Access Adventures – To cover the cost of delivering a weekend residential camp so that up to 10 people with disabilities can experience various water sports and other activities in the summer of 2024.  The charity delivers life-changing adaptive sports and activities with facilities at the Edge Adaptive Sports Centre near Staines.

Riding for the Disabled (RDA), Carriage Driving – To provide funding in support of 3 carriage driving events run by RDA. These events relate to the South-East Region, the East Region and a Supra Regional qualifier for the RDA National Championships for the South, Mid-West and Greater London Regions.

WheelPower – To purchase equipment relating to 4 athletes with spinal injuries to help them compete in their chosen sports of cycling, wheelchair basketball and curling.

Burnt Mill Academy – To encourage students at the Academy to increase and expand the material they read a grant was approved to provide further books and other media resources for their library.

Burnt Mill Academy Update

Past Master David Mortlock and Court Assistant Nick Dutt had the great pleasure of presenting the Wheelwright’s Awards at Burnt Mill’s Christmas prize giving to many worthy winners, pupils who had excelled in their various fields of endeavour. They were also taken on a tour of the library that is largely funded by donations from the Wheelwright’s Charity.

Both were extremely struck by the enthusiasm and passion shown by the students for the books already in the library and the opportunities it affords them to study and learn. More books are constantly being sourced and the support the Company and the Charitable Trust provides is very much appreciated.

Dogs For Good—Pupdate!

Despite the best efforts of the Trainers over the last few months, Jimmy’s adaptability has remained low which has compromised his ability to reach the required standards to be an assistance dog. As a result they have unfortunately decided to withdraw Jimmy from the training programme.

Jimmy has a wonderful temperament but is more suited to being a pet dog rather than an assistance dog that must adapt easily to working in a range of environments and situations. They have therefore rehomed Jimmy to a suitable family where he can relax and enjoy life as a pet dog.

Dogs for Good are extremely grateful for the generosity of the Wheelwrights’ Charity and the funding has been transferred to support and train another dog and they are delighted to introduce you to the new sponsor dog who is called Jodi – see below. She is a Golden Retriever and one of Jimmy’s siblings. Jodi is nearly two-years-old and entered assistance task work training at the start of this year. She progressed very well through her puppy socialisation but took longer to complete than Jimmy due to her coming into season towards the end of her puppyhood and then needing a rest period after she was neutered. Like Jimmy, she has a very sweet character but appears to have greater adaptability.