The Master was able to attend the first live event of his year in office, which was the Lord Mayor’s Service of Reflection and Hope held at St Paul’s Cathedral on 22nd June.  

The service was to reflect on those who lost their lives, all those who had suffered and who had lost loved ones. In the Lord Mayor’s message he also thanked all the key workers and volunteers who cared for the sick, supported the vulnerable and kept the City running throughout the pandemic. The Master along with over 40 livery Companies assembled at Apothecaries’ Hall and processed through the streets of the City of London to the Cathedral.

Lord Mayors Service of Reflection - Master Wheelwright and Master Pattenmaker

The Master can be seen here in Apothecaries’ Courtyard with Jennifer Bryant- Pearson, Master of the Pattenmakers, one of the two Companies (the other being the Tin-Plate Workers) who we will be belatedly celebrating our 350th Anniversary with on 21st September.

​The Master is also pictured with his wife Marianne on the steps of St. Paul’s after the service.

During the course of the morning the Master met with several attendees at the Service including The Master Farrier, The Master Plumber, The Master Pattenmaker, The Master Scrivener, The Master Fanmaker, The Master Grocer, The Master Upholder, The Master Tax Adviser, The Immediate Past Master of the Basketmakers as well as the Chairman of the City Livery Club.  A very special and emotional day, after coming out of lockdown.

Lord Mayors Service of Reflection - Master and Marianne