Master Wheelwrights Award

About The Award

The Master Wheelwrights Award may be granted to an individual or team of individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • being wheelchair users have attained pre-eminence in their field of endeavour and made a significant contribution to society, or
  • have excelled in a wheeled sport including, but not limited to, motor racing, motorcycle racing, cycle racing, carriage driving or the attainment of a land speed record, or
  • have made a significant contribution to the development or provision of mobility or access for disabled people utilising the wheel or other technical advancements in the UK or overseas, or
  • are involved in industries, which use or rely upon the wheel and have achieved technological advances in design and manufacture of wheels or tyres or otherwise have shown innovation and commitment to the provision of mobility or access for disabled people

The award was created in 2000. Although nominated candidates are reviewed annually by the Master and his committee, due to the demanding criteria, the award may not be necessarily awarded on an annual basis.

Master Wheelwrights Award 2020 – Andrew Paddison

At The Michaelmas Court Meeting, Andrew Paddison was awarded The Master Wheelwrights award for 2020

Andrew is an inspiration to us all and has raised a great deal of money for charities on his hand cycling expeditions: last year Lands End to John O Groats and this year a 500mile ride around the highlands of Scotland. Andrew’s Grandfather was a Master Wheelwright and his Father an apprentice Wheelwright, so the wheel has gone full circle ! Andrew still has some of his Grandfather’s tools. Many congratulations Andrew !

A video of his latest ride in Scotland, Life Without limits:

MWA 2020 - Andrew Paddison with bicycles
Master Wheelwrights Award 2020 - WA 2020 - Andrew Paddisson with award

Previous Winners

Master Wheelwrights Award 2019 – David Constantine

Master Wheelwrights Award 2019 – David Constantine

David Constantine MBE is founder director of Motivation, a charity transforming the lives of people with mobility disabilities around the world. David is wheelchair dependent, following a diving accident in 1982. With his collaborator Simon Gue, David set up the first...

Master Wheelwrights Award 2017 – Peter Norfolk OBE

Master Wheelwrights Award 2017 – Peter Norfolk OBE

Peter is a five-time Paralympic wheelchair tennis champion with two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal to his credit. He now runs his own wheelchair company supplying many disabled people with equipment. He also supports the work of the Tennis...