Prizes & Awards

The Company sponsors a number of Prizes and Awards related to education, mobility and the armed forces. The most notable of these prizes are:

Geoffrey Udall Prize for Paediatric Medicine

The Geoffrey Udall Prize is awarded annually for work by a student at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, who has made both clinical and practical observation in a particular field associated with handicap.

Master Wheelwrights Award

The Master Wheelwrights Award is a high profile award granted to an individual or group which has a made a significant contribution or the use of the wheel, including wheeled sport.

Sir Bert Massie Award

The Sir Bert Massie Award was the brainchild of the late Past Master of the ‘Wheelwrights’ Richard Sermon MBE and Sheriff of the City of London, who, in 2010, came up with the idea for an award honouring liveryman Sir Bert Massie.  Sir Bert died in October 2017 and was a leading light in the fight for improved rights and better quality of life for disabled people.

Military Prizes & Awards

The Company sponsors a range of prizes in support of its links to the Royal Artillery and other parts of the armed forces. These include:

  • The Openshaw Cup for the best gunner on the Gunnery Career Course at the Royal School of Artillery 
  • The Davidson Cup for the Best NCO in106 (Yeomanry) Regiment 
  • The Best RA Badged Cadet of the Year for South East London Cadets
  • The Best Limber Gunner for the King’s Troop RHA
  • The Rolling Wheel Trophy for the best NCO at 12 Sqn RAF
  • The Captain’s Cup for HMS Severn

National Tyre Technician Apprentice of the Year Award

The company sponsors the National Tyre Technician Apprentice of the Year Award, which is awarded by the Company at the NTDA (National Tyre Distributors Association) Annual Dinner and Tyre Industry Awards to the apprentice who has shown the most outstanding work in the year.