Mission and Purpose

Our Mission is to be a philanthropic force for good whilst supporting fellowship among our members, the craft of wheelwrighting and the City of London. We do this by:

  • The raising and effective distribution of charitable funding, particularly to enable and improve wheeled mobility.
  • Being a focus of excellence for the craft of wheelwrighting.
  • Developing links with the modern craft of the tyre industry.
  • Organising a range of events which appeal to supporters of the City of London and being welcoming to our Members and their guests.
  • Maintaining historic links to the Royal Artillery and Army Cadets and more recent ones to the RAF.
  • Supporting educational initiatives, including support for apprentices and schools.

We are open to all and aim to be a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Vision for 2030

The Vision for the Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights is to:

  • Be sustainable, both financially and in our purpose. This means:
    • A growing and vibrant community of members
    • A diverse membership that reflects the demographics of the City and the country
    • Have significantly lowered the average age
    • Balance income and expenditure
  • Have significantly increased the impact of our charitable and educational work, which is actively supported by a wider range of members.
  • Have a sustainable apprentice scheme for Wheelwrights.
  • Have established strong links with both tyre manufacturers and distributors and
    the awards we provide to the industry are held in high esteem.
  • Be applying best practice and being transparent in our communications internally and externally.

Key Themes & Strategic Enablers


To work closely with those charities that meet our criteria for support. To forge a closer relationship with these charities to enable us to have both a financial but as important, a social and pastoral relationship with them. Such organisations that we are currently involved with at this level are WheelPower and the Riding for the Disabled (RDA).

  • To seek to identify such organisations that we would like to financially help and respond to requests from charities who approach us for funds. The Trustees to work closely with other committees of the Court, such as Craft and Education, to enable, where possible, to meet the aspirations of their objectives as well.
  • Identification of the funds required per annum to support our causes, seeking areas for raising such funds.
  • The Trustees to ensure that the Wheelwrights’ Charitable fund operates within the legal and financial framework required.


  • Supporting Ancient Craft initiatives particularly Apprentices.
  • Support the Modern Craft through Apprentice and Environmental awards.


Support for schools, focussed on those more in need.

Fellowship and Membership

  • Actively pursue a robust recruiting and retention programme for Liverymen and promoting diversity in terms of age, gender and ethnicity.
  • Provide an annual programme of formal and less formal events that appeal to both members and potential members of the Company.
  • Providing support for our members and being welcoming to members and their guests.
  • Prizes and awards, including: Royal Artillery Awards, Cadet Awards, the Geoffrey Udall Award, the Sir Bert Massie Award and the Master Wheelwrights Award.
  • Support of the City of London seeking out opportunities to collaborate with other Livery Companies, participation in inter-livery events and competitions, potentially hosting our own event.

Management of the Organisation

  • Improve our internal and external communications particularly the website and social media to raise the company profile.
  • Improve the Company’s administrative IT, event booking facilities and banking.
  • Value, support and develop our staff.
  • Manage risks, costs and resources to deliver on our strategic priorities.
  • New Charity Raising committee to reach out to wider membership for support of charitable objectives.


The Wheelwrights values include: heritage, philanthropy and charitable giving, support of education and training, inclusivity, fellowship, support of Lord Mayor and City of London Corporation and military affiliations, integrity and volunteerism.