The Wheel

The association with the wheel has endured from Company’s founding through to the present day.

The wheel is a common theme that runs through everything we do. From supporting the ancient craft of wheelwrighting through to links with the modern wheel and tyre industry, support for mobility-related charities and a long-standing military affiliation with the Royal Artillery.

Education and training are an important area of activity for the Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights. The Company supports the craft of wheelwrighting via the Wheelwrights Apprenticeships scheme and recognizes excellence in the craft by the appointment of a limited number of Yeoman Wheelwrights.

Links to the modern wheel and tyre industry are facilitated by the via the NTDA (the National Tyre Distributors Association) and the Company sponsors the award for the National Tyre Technician Apprentice of the Year.

The wheel theme is also embodied in the objectives of the Wheelwrights Charity, which include education and training in the craft of wheelwrights; mobility for disabled people; and access to sport, educational and recreational activities for disabled people.

The Company also operates the Master Wheelwrights Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions by individuals or teams around mobility and the wheel.